URSA-PQ instrument

Funded by the german ministry for education and research (BMBF), a new instrument for ultrafast electron specrtoscopy at the free electron laser FLASH in Hamburg is currently under development. The URSA-PQ instrument (Ultraschnelle Roentgenspektroskopie zur Abfrage der Photoenergiekonversion in Quantensystemen) is designed for research that aims to shed light on fundamental energy conversion processes on a molecular level.

URSA-PQ will allow for time resolved photoelectron/photoion and Auger electron spectroscopy as well as transient absorption spectroscopy. Its main detector will be a magnetic bottle time-of-flight photoelectron spectrometer. The instrument is designed to support molecular samples which can be evaporated. Users are invited to contact us if custom sample delivery or spectrometers need to be incorporated.
A special feature will be the mobile frame of the setup, which allows use at different FLASH 1 and 2 beamlines.

The URSA-PQ instrument will be available from summer 2019 on.