Mechanical Physics-Workshop

The mechanical physics-workshop is operated by the Institutes of Physics and Astronomy and earth- and environmental sciences. It is open to all other institutes in the Mat.-Nat. Faculty. On this page we briefly explain its capabilities as well as the path to get machined parts.

What do we offer?

We are parnters for all mechanical machining. Our machines include:

Drill press, sheet metal cutter, band saw, buzz saw, grinding machine, lathes, (CNC)-mills, sand-blast cabin, plastic 3D printer, laser cutter for plastics


How can you realize your parts?

Please compile the following form (Download: Order_shhet_workshop_EN). Depending on your institution, we have different contact points for talking about your order and handing in your form:

  • For the Institute for Physics and Astronomy:

    Please hand the form to the workshop-contact persons in the groups

  • For the Institute for Earth- and Environmental Sciences:

    Please hand the form to Jens Bölke (jens.bö, Haus 27. Raum 0.36 Tel.: 5816

  • For all other Institutes of the Mat.-Nat. Faculty:

    small parts up to an estimated workload of 2 hours:

    Please hand the form to any member of the mechanical workshop Haus 27 Raum 0.010

    Larger Items:

    Please hand the form to Herrn Werner Wirges (, Haus 28 Raum 0.007 Tel 1836


Any questions?

Please contact Werner Wirges (, Haus 28 Raum 0.007 Tel 1836